Monday, June 10, 2013

6-10-13: The rain came down

Claire will be staying in Leipzig with her current companion for the next 6 weeks and she is very happy about that. We were glad to hear that she is safe and dry. I'm not really sure why she calls us all peasants at the end of her letter, but I assume it's because she'd been to see some former East German historical site.
Rain results
Well if any of you watch the news, you probably heard that Germany had some flood problems this week. If you don't watch the news, then you should start because the being informed of world events leads to greater enlightenment. Independent of whether you watched the news or not, the heavens have sent forth an abundant amount of rain during the past few weeks. Leipzig is just fine, but its neighboring cities--Halle, Groitch, Eilenberg, etc--were not so fine. We were able to spend Tuesday in Halle sandbagging for flood prevention and have had a smattering of other opportunities for service this week. Seeing as I can't watch the news, I don't really know how bad the flooding is aside from what people on the Stra├čenbahn have told me, far as I know everything is mostly safe and it has gotten better. But now is a good time to do some research to find out! Then tell us how we can help!
Winds of change...
did not blow me nor Sister Darrington away from Leipzig. I'm here for transfer number four and am very happy to continue training, though she didn't really need any training in the first place....naja. Our faithful district leader goes home tomorrow and we're getting two new elders, but no other sisters in Leipzig yet. Therefore...continue to send me letters at Limburger strasse 52 (04229 Leipzig) for the next few weeks. 
We teach people, not cornflakes
So missionaries talk a lot about making sure that we are teaching people, not just lessons. Because individuals are individual and so important. Sister Darrington and I found a bunch of people who wanted to learn more about the Gospel at the beginning of last transfer, including our happy African friends, but they've been a little flakey about showing up to meetings, answering phone calls, and making time for...the most important thing ever. So we've been addressing the cornflake problem this week. But to address that problem, we need to not call them cornflakes because cereal doesn't progress or have specific needs....but people do! And we teach people. I love that part of serving a mission. Because the same lessons are never the same if you're teaching according to peoples' needs and following the Spirit to know what to teach and how to teach. And pouring milk is not the solution. Because then we have soggy cornflakes and that does no one any good.
Also, I just used a million conjunctions to start my sentences. And then a hyperbole. whatevas.
Quotes of the Week...
"Finding" quotes--part one:
Sister Darrington: "What are you doing on Sunday?"
Man: "Not going to church, that's for sure!"
Part two:
Man : "Are you here for the festival? Because it's huge! With lots of alcohol!"
Sister Woodward: "Actually we don't drink because we believe that our bodies are gifts from God and we should take care of them."
Man, pointing to Sister Darrington: "She has a beautiful gift!"
awkward word of wisdom talks....
Francesco: "My soul feels so light in the temple, like paradise."

Comments on the work:
Sister Darrington: "Why do people keep saying we're doing a good job?"
Sister Woodward: "I don't know, all we do is pray and make pancakes!"
Love you all my dear peasant brothers and sisters.
Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

Some "Spaghetti Eis" (a delicious ice cream treat--not really spaghetti)

Claire is so happy to be able to run with her companion each morning!

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