Monday, June 17, 2013

6-17-13: Painting the town

Color your world
Our teaching pool has been a little dry in the past couple of weeks, so this week we had a lot of time to go find people to teach. Instead of the usual awkward conversations on the street or through dooring, we used the right sides of our brains and used chalking as a finding technique. We drew the plan of salvation (a pictorial representation of where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going) and did several pictures and sentences associated with light. It was so fun and we got to talk to a bunch of people about the ultimate source of light: Jesus Christ. Think outside the box. And look to the light. 

Was habe ich gelernt? (What have I learned?)
So...missions aren't all chalk and sunshine all the time. Despite the joy of painting the sidewalks of Leipzig this week, it was kind of a hard week where I missed home a lot and felt a little overwhelmed by what is expected of me as "Sister Woodward," versus just "Claire" and that there such are a lot of things I can't do. The past several months have really helped me to trust God though. Because maybe I don't understand everything, or at moments anything, but a mission sometimes requires you to walk in the dark until you can see the light. Standing in the dark does no good: Just walk until you can see the light. 
Das Wunder der Woche
We met a guy named Ralph this week. We started talking to him as he was pulling out little weeds from the cracks in the sidewalk (because things grow everywhere in Germany!) and after a few minutes, we ended up sitting down weeding too. We talked with him for about a half an hour about the purpose of life and the Book of Mormon, all the while weeding in our skirts (I unfortunately chose white that day). Maybe my dirty hands and muddy skirt didn't look super professional afterwards, but it was so great to take the time to hear about his life and talk about how it can be better. We get to meet with him again this week! Though weeding is unfortunately not a part of the scheduled program. 
Quote of the week
"My experience is that there is, you know, surprisingly, always hope." -Doctor Who. Thank you MTC companion. Hope is what fills the darkness! (She didn’t really explain this, so I’m not sure if she got a letter from her MTC comp or if she just suddenly remembered this quote.)
Our cornflake peeps are still MIA. Stay tuned. 

Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

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