Monday, June 3, 2013

6-3-13: Dienen

"Dienen" means "to serve" and it sounds like it was more a week of service than teaching. It didn't sound like there was any flooding in Leipzig, but there has been lots of flooding in central and southern Germany. Also, you can tell she is adapting to the language and culture as each letter is full of more and more random German words (which I have tried to clarify). 
This week I finally realized that I can't keep telling people that I'm a new missionary. Because four months and entering my four transfer next week longer new. Getting rid of that crutch I've been using.
Before I left four months ago, a mission was an abstract concept for me. Because it is really hard to know what a mission is like unless you are actually doing it. Home is starting to feel like the abstract concept now because it is so...fremd (strange, foreign) and mission life has become normal life. But then there are reminders that other times and normal life exist. Zum Beispiel (for example)… my district leader (the leader of the eight missionaries here in Leipzig) has been in Leipzig for the past three transfers as well, and he goes home next week. And then my cousin goes home in a couple of days and home is just....abstract right now. I guess that whole paragraph didn't include any stories, but instead just some random thoughts about abstract balls of timey-wimey that weren't really explained. Naja (oh well).
Das Wunder der Woche...
So last week all of our appointments with our African investigators fell out, which was a bummer. But this week we got to have a short meeting with Shaku and it was great! Because it was long enough for him to ask, "So when can I get baptized?" He is leaving Germany at the end of July, so we're hoping we can teach and help him prepare before then. But seriously, he is the bomb. Not literally. But he has faith with explosive potential.
So every week we usually plan for times to just go talk to people on the streets or dooring (knocking on doors--that's not German, just missionary slang) or some kind of way where we can find people who are interested in learning about the Gospel. We got a lot of "oh-that's-cute-you-still-believe-in-God" looks this week and not many people wanted to stop to talk because it rained more than a boatload this week, but...we still had lovely times. No story with that paragraph either. Apparently this week isn't really a story-full week. Shame.
Quote of the week...
Francesco gave another wonderful prayer this week and expressed gratitude for the Book of Mormon and how it has helped him: "thank you that the Book of Mormon is the feeling of Jesus Christ!"
Also once a month, we have the opportunity to fast and at church, anyone can go up and give his or her testimony during sacrament meeting. Yesterday was fast Sunday and a lady in our ward went up and simply gave thanks that this church was not a church of just sitting and listening, but doing. Because ward members get callings to serve others. And some crazy young folk decide they want to go on missions. And people try to do good and keep the commandments. Sister D and I had many opportunities to serve this week as we helped some people move and were able to work in a garden. I LOVE GARDENS! And weeding is surprisingly rewarding. Though if I ever write a book about gardening, it will probably be called "The Futility of Weeding." End of tangent. As I sum up with, simply, we are indeed a doing people. 
Well, we went to Wittenberg (Luther’s city!) today for p-day and it was gorgeous. We are having a musical fireside tonight before Elder Baker goes back to the real world next week and....busting out the miracles for the week of this transfer(!), I'm pretty sure I'll get to finish training my wonderful daughter (more missionary slang--her companion) in Leipzig, though there is a chance we might move apartments...stay tuned.

Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

Sr. Woodward enjoying the rain

The result of so much rain--beautiful countryside

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