Monday, May 6, 2013

5-6-13: Triple E Week

Apparently training a new missionary is a very happy experience so far! 

And I'm not cleaning it up. 
Packing the Impossible
Two 85 pound suitcases and one 45 pound "carry on" later, Sister Diederich made it to Bremen (*I think). We at least made it to Berlin together to pick up our new missionaries with two umsteigs (train transfers) as well. Huzzah!
Francesco's parting words to Sister Diederich...
Insert 5 minutes of Francesco preluding us with various Mozart pieces.
Sis. Diedrich: I'm going to cry when I leave!
Francesco: Stay cool, stay cool
Sister Diederich: What should we do when you come visit me in America Francesco?
Francesco: Um....I think I'll take a shower.
Bringing in the new....
I AM TRAINING AND I LOVE IT! My new companion has now survived four days in Leipzig! Short bio: She's from Texas, went to BYU-Idaho for three semesters, is super hard working, and is brimming with fresh MTC excitement. She is so happy to talk German in her endearing American accent and says hello to everyone we see. Picture Snow White, and then change her name, and you have my new companion. We get along really well. Love. her. so. much. 
DIE Wunder der Woche
If you have been studying your German articles, you would recognize that there was more than one miracle this week. I'm sharing two.
I went to Berlin on Thursday to bring Sister D (my new comp) back to Leipzig. I gave her a really good first night because we met with Lisa, who is the biggest miracle I've seen on my mission. Six weeks ago, Elders Atkinson and Huebsch found Lisa on the street and invited her to Family Home Evening. She accepted and then they taught her about the Book of Mormon. They were emergency transferred a week and a half later, but on their last night here, they invited Lisa to be baptized at the end of April. She accepted and then was taught rapid fire for three more weeks by another set of elders as she prepared to be ready for her baptismal date. A week before her scheduled date, she and I were talking and she told me she was freaking out and she didn't know if the Book of Mormon was true yet and she still had a lot of questions. I told her that it was okay to wait until she knew, so we botched her first baptismal date. Right before the elders left that were teaching her (we inherited her after), she told them that she was ready to make another baptismal date and she knew that the Book of Mormon was true. So our first lesson together in Leipzig....we got to set a baptismal date with Lisa!!! She is so ready and has such a strong belief in what she has learned in the past month. We are so blessed to help her prepare for her upcoming baptism.
The second miracle happened yesterday, when Sister D and I went to some student housing to talk to people about what we believe. We only spent an hour there, and we were able to meet and teach four students who wanted us to come back. That is more than I've experienced on my whole mission so far. Good gracious, golden miracles falling from the sky. so. cool.
I am privileged to serve a mission. If I learned anything from the past twelve weeks and the busy and exciting last few days, it is that I am privileged to act as a representative of Jesus Christ at this time. To teach people about the Gospel. To bring people closer to Christ. To talk to strangers on the street. To meet with ward members. To be as awkward as possible because people do not go on missions to act like normal people. I love it.
Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

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