Monday, May 13, 2013

5-13-13: Immer Besser!

We had a great skype conversation with Claire on Saturday and could see for ourselves how happy she is. So it was easy for us not to cry about missing her and just rejoice that she is happy living in Germany and doing her best to find people who want more joy in their lives. 

Full blown missionary work with a tablespoon of sickness and twelve quarts of goodness this week. Still facing the Triple E dilemma (ebullience exploding everywhere).
We're a tad too excited and maybe plan a little too much for a day (curse these short twenty four hour days and the requirement of sleep), but we're getting better (our companion slogan is "immer besser"). There is just so much to do and so much to learn!
Nothing sums this week up better than the following quotes...
·         After teaching two guys from Africa about the Book of the Mormon and seeing their miraculous acceptance and eagerness to read pray about it.... Sophie (an 18-year-old member who came with us): "This is why I love Africans! German people are always like 'I don't need God,' but Africans....they are willing to do anything to get closer to God!" Thus we are teaching a lot of foreigners. And the occasional stubborn German. Shaku (African number one) after hearing Sophie talk about how the Book of Mormon helps here in her life: "Yes, I will read this book because I want to know what she knows."  Yeah son.
·         After talking about how to improve our talents to meet the needs of our diverse teaching pool.... Me: "Hey, if we teach a deaf man, then we'll need to learn Braille." #thinkingalittletoohard. Or not at all.
·         Elder Normon (commenting on Sister D's and my companionship): "You and Sister D match each other."
·         And speaking of Sister D....I love her so so much. Here are some cute things she said this week: (looking up at me with huge, questioning doe eyes) "Was soll wir zu tun?" (What should we do?) #cutebeginningmissionaryGerman  She always asks what we should do, but then almost immediately cries out "Wir müssen beten!" (We must pray!) Because Sister D knows the power of prayer :)
·         (while talking to people on the street the day before Mother's Day)…. "Hast du eine Mutter?" ("Do you have a mother?"), because you never know. We're still working on conversation starting skills that lead to Gospel topics. Also, "Haben Sie eine Frau?" ("do you have a wife?") #personalquestionstorandompeople
Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

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