Monday, April 29, 2013

4-29-13: Training!

We're starting this week's email off with a drum roll....(please dramatically drum your hands in anticipation of reading the next sentence)....because I get to stay in Leipzig and train a new missionary! Which I had already guessed, but now it is official. Sister Diederich is opening a new sisters program in Bremen, which has apparently been asking for sister missionaries for a while. We both leave on Thursday to pick up our new missionaries in Berlin. I'm actually excited about training, even if I am still a new-ish missionary. Mal sehen if I still feel that way in a week...:)

Das Wunder der Woche
This isn't a big deal for most missionaries, but the following was a miracle for me. Last week on my tausch (exchange) with Sister Warncke, we found a student from India who was interested in the Book of Mormon. This week we stopped by his house to deliver both Hindi and English Books of Mormon and he was there! We gave a short introduction about the Book of Mormon AND he wanted to meet with us again this coming week. This is the first person I've talked to on the street to a.) be home for an appointment and b.) invite us back for a follow up appointment. No big deal. Except to me!

Lessons learned...
Well I've been looking back at my golden time and reflecting on what I've learned. Despite having a German medical vocabulary that rivals most German doctors (I won't tell you all the words I've learned. They're probably not appropriate, but maybe someday I'll write a book), I've learned more about the joy of missionary work than how to treat various ailments. Before I came on my mission, I was a little worried about feeling like a work horse and it being a long, long eighteen months. But I want the world to know that the happiest moments of my mission have been working. Teaching. Talking to strangers. Talking to cute, old Frau K├╝hler. Visiting ward members. Serving. Testifying of truth. Getting stuck in tram doors because they closed on my backpack (embarrassing...). Simply doing! I believe that truth is manifest in happiness. And I am happy when I am spreading good news of truth. In German (that was a reminder in case you forgot what language Germans speak). I'm excited to take off running these next several weeks. 
Maybe a little too excited. But that's okay.

Also, for those of my friends preparing to go on missions, I would like to tell you that office supplies will be your best friend. Bring ample supplies of sharpies, paper, tape, scissors (one pair should be sufficient), and other helpful instruments! 

Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

Sister Woodward teaches an "investigator"

Goodbye to Sister Diederich!

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