Monday, April 28, 2014

4-28-14: The Length of Days‏

This week was long. Seven days to be exact.
As it turns out, every week is that long.
But sometimes the days seem to expand beyond their normal length.

I will start off the week by sharing why my companions have repeatedly encouraged me to stop talking to African men. Last week while I was waiting for my companions to finish their emails, I started talking to an African also waiting for something. I gave him a card and we went on our merry way, only to wake up the next morning to read this text:

"hi how are you sleeping well and it starts your day well lady I oumar and I want to know if you are married and if you have children you really be beautiful I want a very serious relationship between you and me"

Here's we pause and think, would such a text work on anyone?

Anyways, we thought it was funny and chose not to respond. (Parents do not be alarmed at the amount of marriage proposals in the past few months; I took that self-defense class for a wise purpose and have bodyguard companions plus I always have the option of ceasing to shower so my stench will drive others away).

After laughing about that, we went to help a member in our ward paint the inside of her house. She is from America and married a man from Fiji who is a member of another faith and they have two little kids that are artists in the making. They practice by drawing on all empty wall space within their reach. We destroyed their art by painting over it and Alicia was really grateful (#notsoproudmother). It was so good to be with them and feel a little like I was in America again J.  Plus that's the first service project I've done in a while, so it was double joy!

Saturday night we traveled to Hannover and stayed the night with the STLs there because on Sunday, all the missionaries in the Hannover areas went to church in a little city called Stadthagen in order to invite the missionary spirit. It was actually pretty cool to have so many missionaries at church and the Kosaks were there too.
Sister Kosak gave a great thema about "the Mormon glow." Meaning people often recognize members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because of the way we look. Apparently radiating with peace or happiness or whatever other positive energies we sweat. We should explain to people why we glow (so they don't think we were born under radiation or something) so others can find that warmth as well.

Which leads to a quote from President Monson that I read this week.
"There is absolutely nothing in this world that will provide more comfort and happiness than a testimony of the truth."
That's why we glow in a non-radioactive way; we know the truth that God lives and has restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ to us today J.

On another random note, I just wanted to let you know our dritt (trio) isn't going to last after this week. President Kosak told us yesterday that one of us is leaving, though we don't know who.
So if you wrote me a letter, send it to the address in Berlin or wait until next week to see where I go.

Also.  I have ten weeks left on my mission.
I'm not freaking out yet, but I am a little too time conscious. Anyways, I thought every week until I go home I'd share something I've learned from my mission. So go.

10. I have learned how to pick and choose the battles that are worth fighting.

Tune in next week for number nine. Love you all J.
-- Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

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