Monday, March 10, 2014

3-10-14: Random Thoughts

We taught a bagillion lessons this week. Maybe it’s spelled bajillion. And maybe it wasn't actually as ridiculously high as that not-real number implies, but it was a lot. My memory of the week has blurred into one giant appointment where I can't seem to remember half of what happened. I think we'll go with the bullet point format so I can just spout out random things that happened as they come to me.

·  Like blind men who came to church. And by that I mean one blind man. We found a mostly blind guy named Daniel this week who Sis. Rasmussen fell in love with because he looks a little crazy but is actually normal and super sweet (Sis. Rasmussen seeks for those who need her love J). He came to church yesterday and was eagerly waiting outside his building for us to guide him to church. ‘Twas dear.
·  I learned a lot of things during my time with Sister Darrington last year. Like always wearing something under your skirt (shorts usually) so you are always ready for a service project if such an opportunity arises. #paintinganapartmentintightsandslipshorts
·  Annie was out of town on a business trip this week and we missed her dearly L.
·  We gave Frau Möbius, one of our eternal investigators, another baptismal date to pray and fast over and we've been talking with her a lot about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can help us leave the past behind. During one of our phone calls with her, she randomly says to me, "If you were a man, I would marry you right now Claire." Yes, she insists on calling us by our first names and yes, Sister Rasmussen died laughing and said Frau Möbius would have to compete with all the Africans who are seeking our attentions. I love that woman though. Frau Möbius I mean. She has had a hard life and is so quirky and so honest (#everygermanever) and feels everything so deeply. It's okay if I don't see her get baptized before I leave Marzahn, but I hope she chooses to involve herself fully in the Gospel by making the covenant of baptism soon.
I'm out of bullet points and will just end with a scripture I read in Joshua 7:10 this week. God is talking to Joshua after the children of Israel made some mistakes and Joshua felt really bad. God says, "Get thee up; wherefore liest thou thus upon thy face?"
Which was a well-needed kick for me too. Because sometimes when things are hard or don't go as expected, I just want to lie on my face and cry. And I think it's okay to be sad for a little bit, but it's important to get up, to move, to go forward.
So go forward.

--Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

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