Monday, October 14, 2013

10-14-13: Expect the Unexpected

We failed to expect the unexpected and against all odds, Sister Kriser gets to stay here with me in Marzahn for another 6 six weeks! Woot!

Transfers calls are different in every mission. Our mission president has two assistant missionaries who spend Saturday morning calling every apartment to tell them where they are going or if they are staying. Fortunately, I didn't yell at anyone this time. Saturday rolled around and Sister Ricks and I were a little on edge, which is funny because we are the two who were almost for sure staying. But we made pfannkuchen to appease our worried souls and then at approximately 8:34 am, Elder Wolfley called to tell me and sister Kriser we were staying together (and we got a new tausch area in Greifswald!) and to tell Sister Sadler she was going to Hamburg (my heart is still there) and to tell Sister Ricks that she is TRAINING. At this moment Sister Ricks lost all color and promptly teared up. She then promptly lay down on the floor to regain some composure and strength for this new assignment. Sister Ricks is awesome though and will be an amazing trainer. We are so excited to have a new missionary in our apartment too, and I am grateful to be here without being a trainer! Not that training isn't great. Because it is. But it's like salt. To be used in moderation. We were really surprised Sister Kriser is staying too because people usually stay 3-4 transfers in an area and this will be Sister Kriser's sixth. Woot!

Painting with the colors of the...trees
I LOVE FALL! It is so gorgeous here because Germany has approximately 78 trees on every block and they just look like they are on fire with different hues of yellow, orange, and red. There is no greater time to be a missionary. I think I said that in summer too. I just like season changes I think. Pretty much every time we go outside though I start screaming because I am so blown away by the beauty of the earth and then people wonder if Americans have trees. Go Team Autumn!

Das Wunder der Woche
Last Monday we did a mini-tausch and Sister Jardine (from Spandau) and I did some finding together here. We talked to this awesome family from Barcelona and I busted out my limited Spanish skills. Unfortunately the wife took this as a sign of Spanish fluency and went off in a rapid something where I understood only the word "todos." Fortunately her daughter spoke a little German and her husband spoke a little English, so we had a broken trilingual conversation about the Book of Mormon. The wife was so excited to talk about Christ and hugged and kissed us afterwards. It was so sweet. They didn't have their phone number or address memorized so we just have an hopefully we'll meet them again.

I Didn't Know I Wasn't Pregnant Until...
So we called this lady who was in our phone because we didn't know who it was and made an appointment with her. Completely normal thing to do. We met with her this week and she told us she was pregnant. Except she's not all the way there mentally, but we weren't really sure how handicapped. Turns out the elders had taught her in the early spring and we got the teaching record and....she thought she was pregnant then too. Nine months ago. That's always a bad sign for normalcy. And not that people aren't precious in their own unique ways,'s always hard to meet with crazies and help them make progress in the Gospel.

Tausches Within the Apartment
We tausched with the other Marzahn sisters this week, who just live in our apartment, so that was really easy to coordinate. But apparently exchanges haven't been...normal in the past. To quote Sister Sadler, "Tausch has always been komisch ever since the dead raccoon."
Will I explain further?
Was our tausch normal?
Yes. And no dead raccoons. Berg auf. (slang term, meaning upwards or moving up)

Homar. The Second.
Still didn't ever meet with the first Homar. But Homar the Second is rocking it. He found pictures of missionaries that he had met with in Africa when he was 15 (he's about 35 right now) and that was cool to see. He is still not sure about baptism because even though he believes everything we've taught, I think he understands how big of a commitment this is. Because the Gospel changes your life forever. It's really hard to be an auslander (foreigner) here because you always have crazy work schedules and no money which makes it hard to come to church. But we're working with him and he can do it.

Some Firsts...
  • A lesson in a car. Because we didn't have an apartment nearby and it was cold.
  • Going to a non-denominational Christian church in Berlin on Saturday (reminiscent of Colorado Springs experiences)
  • Quark pudding with pfannkuchen. mmmm...

Domestic Skills 101
One of Sister Kriser's special domestic skills? Sewing on buttons. Using super glue instead of thread.

I love you all. With whatever skills you have or lack :)
Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

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