Thursday, August 29, 2013

8-26-13: Windows and Doors

Claire's pretty sure she'll be in Hamburg for another transfer (6 weeks), but we will find out on Monday when she emails us again. 

Windows and doors
A lot of doors didn't open this week. Doors that belonged to people that were really excited we were coming and then somehow forgot. Seven times in three days. But fortunately when doors don't open, windows usually do and we get some fresh air (flowing outside?). Okay maybe not the best metaphor. Main point: the cornucopia of appointments that fell through didn't devastate us and we met some cool people through the windows of opportunity that opened up when the doors didn't. 

Das Wunder der Woche
Part I. So our appointment with the Boschmann family fell out, which was sad because we like them. But I think I forgot to write last week that they invited one of their friends to our lessons. His name is Oskar and he's from Siberia and he is great. So our appointment fell out with the family, but we ran into Oskar and he was like, "Yeah, teach me some things!" I can't understand his German super well, but with the help of my newly learned Russian word “pro-rog” (prophet), we were able to have a good chat. His family is a little weary of him meeting with missionaries because they've heard some weird things about Mormons so we are moving forward with faith and love.
Part II. So sometimes missions are hard and you have hard days because that is just life. On Saturday I was feeling a little bogged down and thoughts of imperfection were weighing on me because I know I will never be a perfect missionary. But a wise friend told me that God always gives us enough to keep going, whether it be a good conversation on the street, an awesome lesson, an expression of love, or whatever force God chooses to send us to let us know He is there and loves us. My needed assistance came through the lesson option because we had a großartig (great) lesson with Rita at the end of the day. She is so solid. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and her kids were there too (though their comprehension of our English is not so good) and it was way more than enough to make me cry unto the Lord in gratitude for being here and being permitted to teach His children. 

Enter Serbians, stage right
We started teaching some Serbians this week. We weren't international enough before so we needed to add another nationality to our mix of Ghana, Tajikistan, Siberia, Cameroon, Togo, and Germany stew (not edible). They stopped us as we were walking by and that's always sweet. More week.

Forget me not
Important life lesson number 354: don't forget people. My district leader from Leipzig served here earlier and he gave me some names of people he thought that I should check up on. We met with a couple from Ghana he had taught last year and it was good. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT MISSIONARIES JUST STOPPED GOING BY FOR SOME REASON! Their record didn't say why they'd stopped taking lessons from the missionaries and apparently after some missionaries got transferred, they got forgotten. The husband's name is Amaotang and he said, "We thought the LDS church didn't want us anymore!" Mild frustration. Okay, maybe I semi-punched a bush after we left because it's dumb that they got forgotten. But we're glad we can meet with them again and help them progress with their faith in Christ. So....don't forget people.

Quote of the Week
Talking with kids at the kindergarten this week. My German grammar is pretty solid. But I still sound American, or British on a good day, or maybe Russian on other days. Which resulted in the question from Kandai, "Why do you talk so funny?"
Still trying my dear. 

Love you all. 
Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

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