Monday, March 4, 2013

3-4-13: Sunshine in Leipzig

I want to start off by letting everyone know how ecstatic I am to see sunshine. I saw my first sunshine in over a month on Saturday and screamed in joy to the discomfort of all those around me. We're so glad that the weather is starting to warm up. Also sorry parents, I haven't taken very many photos....

Real email start here.

Brought to you by...
Today's email is brought to you by the word "Geschwür" (“ulcer”). Not many missionaries know this word, but if they do, it's probably because their companion had a stomach ulcer. Like mine. We therefore got the opportunity to visit a German hospital, where Sister Diederich had a little surgery and I spent time with the Ehepaar (the senior missionary couple serving here). How Sister Diederich was able to speak doctor-German-talk I will never know. She's amazing. We've had to take it easy because of her surgery/pain, but yesterday was the only day where we were completely confined to our apartment. We have another doctor appointment this week and...we'll see what happens! Did you notice the plural pronoun? Because missionaries are united in cause, so if my companion has a stomach ulcer, I feel like I do too. Minus the excess pain she has.

A glimpse at Leipzig...
One of my favorite things in German buildings are the windows. They are so convenient. If you don't know how they're different from nasty American windows, look it up. My least favorite things in Germany include the graffiti (which is EVERYWHERE. And I mean on every building ever) and the constant smell of cigarette smoke. But you win some, you lose some. Other random fact about Leipzig: a bunch of people left after the Berlin Wall came down, so there is more than a smattering of empty, abandoned buildings. Mildly creepy? Yes. The creepiest one that Sister Diederich has shown me? See attached creepy teddy bear picture. Apparently some lady died and left all these bears to watch people from the windows. From a building where no one lives. Sketch.

Das Wunder der Woche...
In case you forgot your German words, that means the miracle of the week! We were at institute (a class for young adults) last week and this lady named Jeannine walks in and asks if we could teach her more about what we believe. kids love Christmas? So we talked to her about the Book of Mormon, prophets, authority from God, and answered a bunch of questions. She told us that there was something special about us, like a warm glow, and asked why we were so happy. She will soon know because we're going to teach her! Our task is to give people a reason to be happy in life, and that joy comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite being ill, we still got to teach a fair amount of other people this week. It was also a miracle my companion didn't die. Hurray!

Quote of the week...
Sister Diederich: "Germany is just like a Dr. Seuss book. Except that nobody smiles and it's always cloudy."

Keep the faith, my friends and family.
Sister Claire Michelle Woodward

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